Personal Finance in Japan

投稿者: | 2020-04-08

I am a financial planner in Japan.
I have been running my own company since 2006.
Mainly, I engage in consultations, financial seminars and writing articles.
In addition, I am a part time teacher in a private university.

It is said that Japanese financial literacy is relatively low compared with other countries. And then, Japanese are very conservative regarding investment.

I am highly interested in how to improve financial literacy.
And, I tacled to write a study about financial literacy in Japan before.
The title is Solutions to Improve Financial Literacy and
Roles of Financial Advisors in Japan.

You can click the title and read it.

In this category in my website, I will tell about the circumstances of personal finance in Japan and the sosial system such as pension, taxtation, financial transactions.
I would be glad if you could get imformative tips about Japan througout my blog.
I will increase articles from now on.

Thank you very much.


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