Defined Contribution in Japan

投稿者: | 2020-04-11

Now, many companies have DC plan in Japan.
DC stands for Defined Contribution.
DC is basically for all employees including foreign workers.
Unlike DB(Defined Benefit), participants have to decide how to accumulate by choosing some financial products.

First of all, participants tend to feel difficult to choose appropriate products for themselves out of the lineup offerd by employer.

You need to understand the investment principal, features of financial products and taxation in Japan.

You have some questions regarding the system of DC.
✓Should I regulally change the balance of my funds?
✓How should I do when I change my job or when I leave Japan?
✓Which is better to recieve the pension in lump sum or installments?
✓Does DC levy taxtion for participants during managing contributions or when you recieve the balance of your money.
And more.

Probablly, you can communicate in Japanese when you work here.But, it may be difficult to understand DC in Japanese and it is better to do so in English.

I can totally support you regarding DC in English.
Please feel free to contact me after reading this article.
Thank you very much.

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  1. ピンバック: DCとは?iDeCo(イデコ)とDC(確定拠出年金)の違いも解説 – えいごのみー英語と経済同時に勉強!


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