How to increase your old age basic pension in Japan~老齢基礎年金を増やす方法を英語で~

投稿者: | 2021-05-12


Additional pension plan

If you are category1 insured persons, you can increase your old age basic pension (retirement pension)

Category1 is such as agriculture, business operators, self-employed persons and students. employees in companies are not included.

First you have to make procedures in the city hall where you live to join additional pension.

After applying to additional pension plan, you will pay 400JPY per month, together with the premium of national pension.

Thanks to additional pension, your amount of old age basic pension will increase 200JPY×months you paid the premium(400JPY).

In case that you pay 100 months.
Total premium of additional pension : 400×100=40,000

You can receive 20,000JPY(200JPY ×100)per year.

I mean, if you receive old age basic pension for 2 years, your additional pension will be equivalent to the amount of premium you paid before.
From 2 years later since you began receiving pension until you die, additional pension will be completely profits.



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